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busy girl's week off - Turkey 2019

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Friends and colleagues often make fun of the fact I really (really) like going on holiday – this particular blog is about my second overseas holiday of 2019, I have two more booked, another in the pipelines, and I’ve also been on three overseas work trips this year (assuming Edinburgh – where I currently am, counts as overseas). By my calculations I will have taken 18 flights and been to 8 countries by the time new year 2020 comes around… what can I say - work hard, holiday harder. To be fair, this isn’t a normal year for me, usually it’s just 2-3 holidays.

Because of this habit of mine, I felt long overdue a holiday when we booked this last-minute getaway to Turkey, 6 months after my last… Alexa, what are synonyms for ‘holiday’… overseas excursion. We went for a 4-night all-inclusive resort in the town of Side (which I now know is a very beautiful and historic town – when I booked, I thought it meant the hotel was at the side of the beach or something).

The hotel turned out to be incredible (for some reason I didn’t trust the hundreds of 5-star trip advisor reviews); made even better by our room being upgraded to a Penthouse suite, the best room type the hotel has to offer, which featured a massive balcony complete with table and chairs, sun loungers and jacuzzi. I’ll save the rest of the sales pitch for the TripAdvisor review but safe to say I loved the place.

I had big plans to catch up with the various admin/housekeeping I need to do and I also took enough clothing to work out in the gym every morning, but of course this all went out the window when we arrived and began soaking up the 35 degree sunshine.

When I’m at home I always say that autumn is my favourite season, and I could happily live in a country where it’s between 15-25 degrees all year-round, but when I get away and settle down for a day of soaking up the sun I realise I’m talking rubbish – I love the sun, as long as I can relax. I’m the type of person (if it’s a type) who’s too cold when it’s cool, and too hot when it’s warm, and I hate having to do anything remotely active when I’m too hot, so I think that’s why I only like the heat when I’m on holiday.

I also go very quickly from loving working and being busy when I’m working, to going away on holiday and immediately deciding I hate working being busy and wish I could be on holiday all year round. This holiday was a perfect example of this, I think partly because the resort was so beautiful, as was the town, and we stayed for a short enough time that I didn’t get bored or restless. By day 3 I had basically handed in my notice at work and cancelled my flight home.

I’ve never been to Turkey before – to be honest, I didn’t actually realise until we were in the airport (when the lady at bag drop informed us) that it’s not in the EU and you have to have a visa to travel there. After a quick internet search (thank god for iPhones) this was rectified.

I knew that I love donner meat and Turkish delight but didn’t realise how much the whole Turkish cuisine is right up my street! I’m a big lamb eater anyway, but the things these guys can do with beef and lamb is incredible, although I did miss pork – I will never not love bacon and sausages at breakfast! There was also a little patisserie where you could get snacks in the afternoon – my personal favourites were a kind of almond chocolate brittle, and loads of flavours of macarons.

If anyone is looking for a luxury all-inclusive only a 4 hour flight away I would recommend it – Acanthus & Cennet Barut Collection in Turkey – we booked through Love Holidays and flew with Thomas Cook/Condor. The price does seem to have skyrocketed now though with the school holidays around the corner!!

Whilst we were there, I listened to an audiobook called “The Rumour” which was recommended by a friend and I loved it! It’s a kind of 21st century thriller, set in an Essex seaside town with a yummy mummy estate agent as the main character. It was lightweight but the red herrings and final reveal still caught me out and I found myself getting very tense as it built up – I’d definitely recommend it.

As much as I don’t want to go back to work, I know that the times when you’re not on holiday make your holidays that much better – so its back to the grind and to get excited for Lollapalooza Berlin in September!


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